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* Thornton Wilder's Desk Given to MacDowell Colony, 2008


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for 20 years of notes, cards and letters from Miss Wilder.

Miss Wilder's grave in the Mt. Carmel Burying Ground is 100 yards from my parents' grave.   When Miss Wilder was in her eighties, I took care of this plot for her, overseeing the replacement of overgrown yews with these dwarf shrubs.

"Not since William and Dorothy Wordsworth has there been a brother/sister literary team like Thornton and Isabel Wilder."

John D. Ogden
Yale University '58
(Romantic Literature)

John D. Ogden,
Ph.D portrait 

Douglas Semonin

Miss Wilder's 1976 gift to me given to MacDowell Colony, 2008

New Haven Register


Writer's furniture finds home at retreat

Portrait of Thornton Wilder in the Stagemanager's costume from Our Town and also The Skin of Our Teeth. ( Artist, Clarence Brodeur.) Donated to the MacDowell Colony in 2009 by Paul Keane

From The Director of the MacDowell Colony, Cheryl Young


Hi Paul, 

Here are photos of the Wilder side board and Thornton's writing desk, both in Hillcrest. The side board is in the side entry room. The desk is in the east wing on the second floor landing where the light is beautiful. The MacDowell medalists often stay in that wing. Albee, Roth, Munro and even Duchamp have all stayed at Hillcrest. In a few weeks, Stephen Sondheim will be with us. 

Thanks again for connecting our cultural heritage through the generations.

Warm regards,


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